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Seeds Are Poppin!

Got a few more items up in the Weed-Snob web store, still have a lot of work to do, but my seeds popped today! 😀

I have been wanting to grow some old school Acapulco Gold for years. The seeds were always sold out when I needed them or just couldn’t be found. I finally found some early this year! I’m so excited! I also got a good sleeping strain, Critical Kush and a couple freebies, a White Widow strain. 1 of each came up today.

Back when we grew commercially, I liked to start the seeds in late February to be sure to have big strong plants ready to put in the ground in the spring. The bigger you can grow them before June the more yield you will get. Our biggest yield for 1 plant was a Durban Poison, we got 7 pounds off that monster! It was the talk of the town. The thing was just ginourmouse! lol Typically, we got 3-5 lbs per plant when they were started indoors early.

  • Look how cute they are!